I'm Homeless


Guests who stay with the overnight shelter, as well as guests who have recently transitioned from stay with the ICRH, will be permitted to use the day shelter..

The ICRH cannot accept registered sex offenders for stay in the overnight shelter, and some criminal histories may be screened out. ICRH does not discriminate due to age, gender, gender identification, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

The ICRH focuses on assisting guests in achieving self-sufficiency. At 30/60/90 days of stay, guests’ circumstances are reviewed and a determination on whether the guest is putting forth adequate effort toward meeting their goals and moving toward self-sufficiency will be made. If it is determined that the guest is actively participating in changing their circumstances and still needs emergency shelter, the guest will be eligible to continue to stay. If there has been little or no effort on the guest’s behalf, or if the guest has other options for safe living arrangements, that guest will be issued a 72 hour notice for discontinued stay with the ICRH.

Guests of the overnight shelter are provided a tote to keep all their belongings in, that is secure at the shelter if they choose to keep their stuff there. Guests of the day shelter are also able to use lockers (with locks) at the day shelter if they have belongings that don’t fit in their tote. These lockers are not intended for long-term storage but, are available to assist guests with making travel easier during the day.

Yes, the ICRH welcomes children/families. Often, parents have expressed concern over what they’ve heard about taking their children to a shelter. Many times, they have been told that they might come to the attention of child protective services (CPS), if they bring their children to shelter. This could not be farther from the truth and in fact, CPS would likely prefer children to be in a safe, structured environment like what the ICRH provides, over a situation in which the family is moving around and staying in various places, with unfamiliar people.


If you/or someone you know is in need of emergency shelter in Isabella County, please call (989) 400-4126 or email icrh@icrhouse.org.

Housing Assistance

  • City of Mt. Pleasant—City Hall
    (989)  779-5300
  • Department of Health and Human Services
    (989) 772-8400
  • EightCAP, Inc. Housing Hotline
    (866) 754-9315
  • Habitat for Humanity (HHIC)
    (989) 317-4650
  • Isabella County Restoration House
    (Rotating Shelter)
    (989) 400-4126
  • Listening Ear Crisis Intervention Center, Inc
    (989) 772-2918
  • Michigan State Housing Development (MSHDA)
    (231) 796-8883
  • Mt. Pleasant Housing Commission
    (989) 773-3784
  • Mt. Pleasant Housing Office CMU
    (989) 774-3111
  • Step Forward of Michigan
    (866) 946-7432
  • The Salvation Army
    (989) 773-4663
  • Veteran’s Affairs
    (989) 772-0911
  • Women’s Aid Service
    (989) 772-9168