Q: How many volunteers per night does the rotating shelter usually have?

A: This current rotating shelter season, we have 3-4 evening volunteers, 4 dinner volunteers, 2 overnight volunteers (1 male and 1 female–the shifts can be split but then require 4 total volunteers) and 3-4 morning volunteers.  Generally there are a total of 10-12 volunteers each night.

Q: I have blankets, clothing and toys that I would like to donate to the rotating shelter. Who do I talk to about that and where can I donate them?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to be able to handle donations such as clothing, blankets, and toys.  We would recommend that you contact the First Church of the Nazarene at (989) 773-3904.  They have a clothing closet that will take donations.  Toys can be donated to either the Salvation Army or Good Will.  If the rotating shelter is in need of donations we will post it on our website.

Q: I signed up to volunteer, but two hours before my shift starts, my car battery freezes and I have no way of getting to the rotating shelter. What should I do?

A: Call your church coordinator and they may be able to line up another volunteer or assist you with transportation.

Q: I’m a Central Michigan University student and I need volunteer hours. Can I do that by volunteering at the rotating shelter? If so, how can I log my hours?

A: Absolutely! You will need to contact Sherry Pulverente at sherry@icrhouse.org who will put you on a contact list where you can sign up when volunteers are needed.  You can log your hours by creating an Engage Central account by visiting the volunteer center and clicking on “Login to Engage Central”. Then type in “Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center” on the website’s search tab. Once there, you will be able to log in your hours here.

Q.  It is summer and the rotating shelter is closed for the season.  Who do I contact for help with shelter, food, or clothing needs?

A:  You can call Listening Ear by dialing 211.  They can guide you for where to go for help. Also, you can visit the partners page and see what services are available.

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