Q: I have blankets, clothing and toys that I would like to donate to the rotating shelter. Who do I talk to about that and where can I donate them?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to be able to handle donations such as clothing, blankets, and toys.  We would recommend that you contact Clothing, Inc at (989) 264-2510.  They have a clothing closet that will take donations.  Toys can be donated to either the Salvation Army or Good Will.  If the rotating shelter is in need of donations we will post it on our website.

Q: I signed up to volunteer, but I can't make my shift 

A: Call our volunteer coordinator Cindy at 989-560-1784 to let her know.

Q.  Why is the shelter only open from October to April?

A:  Since we are a rotational shelter that relies on churches to host us in the evenings, we are not able to be open year round considering the number of churches in the area.

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