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Application Instructions

Please send a letter of application and a current resume including the name and contact information for three references to ICRH Personnel at 120 S. Pine Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.  PLEASE NOTE: all letters of application and resumes must be submitted through email or USPS and received by Friday, October 7, 2022.

Classification: Part-time, Seasonal

Description of Responsibilities

The Shelter Coordinator will provide direct program support to guests at ICRH.  The Shelter Coordinator’s top priority is the safety of all guests and volunteers at all times by monitoring the activities of guests to ensure compliance with program rules and expectations. The Shelter Coordinator will maintain open and regular communication with the Executive Director regarding guest concerns and issues, volunteer needs and host site coordinator’s inquiries. The Shelter Coordinator is the onsite authority and will be responsible for all evening shelter operations.  Shelter Coordinators will need to be flexible to rotate weekends and holidays with the other coordinators on an on-call basis for the duration of our operating season.  Since ICRH houses guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Shelter Coordinator will be needed to cover a full day.  Preferences will be given for specific times during the day.  This paid staff position begins in late October and lasts through the middle of April. Shelter Coordinators are required to attend weekly staff meetings.


Guest Care

  • Facilitate any emergency guest intake for shelter services.
  • Meet the guests as they arrive at the Day Shelter or host site and check to ensure the correct number of guests using public transportation.
  • Conduct daily bag checks for any guests arriving at the host site that did not complete a bag check at the day shelter and guests using their personal transportation to ensure that no firearms, illegal drugs or alcohol are present at the evening host site.
  • Communicate guest requests for ICTC/affiliated cab companies transportation needs to the Day Shelter Manager for scheduling.
  • Monitor scheduled smoke breaks for guests.
  • Provide crisis intervention as needed, including determining when it is necessary to involve other staff, administration or authorities.
  • Maintain privacy of guest information in accordance with agency policies, procedures and practices and as required by law.
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with guests.
  • Acknowledge volunteers when they arrive and help as needed.
  • Ensure that guests honor the lights out policy. If guests remain awake, require them to be quiet and respect others that are sleeping.
  • Be responsible for the safety of shelter residents, volunteers, and host site property while on duty.
  • Maintain regular communication, required documentation, and other duties as assigned.
  • Provide early wake-up calls if asked.
  • Provide support and encouragement to shelter guests.

Maintenance of Resources

  • Immediately check-in with host site coordinator and the nightly volunteers upon arrival at the host site.
  • Transfer any keys to the next Shelter Coordinator every evening before leaving with specific instructions to return all items to specified owners every morning.
  • Evaluate shelter supplies and maintain as needed by reporting needs to the Executive Director.
  • Inform the Executive Director of items needed for supply box at Host Sites.

Shelter Management Services

  • Be responsible for opening the prescription medication lock box for the appropriate guest upon demand, re-locking the medication lock box and communicating any guest needs with the church site coordinators.
  • Ensure that new guests completing intake at the host site understand that they must meet with the Day Shelter Manager the next day.
  • Ensure that forms signed by a new guest are given to the Day Shelter Manager for their file.
  • Complete nightly communications to be provided for the evening’s support staff and volunteers.

Please note this is not intended to be a comprehensive or exhaustive list of all Shelter Coordinator duties/tasks required to maintain a safe and efficiently operating shelter on a nightly basis.

Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated knowledge and/or experience in human services
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work flexible schedule, including nights and weekends
  • Ability to work with a wide range of personalities
  • Computer literate and willing to learn new programs
  • Must pass criminal background check 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Ability to communicate in a language other than English
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
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