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The Marketing and Communications(MarCom) Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing the organization’s overall marketing program and communication strategies.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Establish a marketing plan that is consistent with the overall strategic plan of the organization.
  • Establish identity standards and guidelines which ensure the establishment of a consistent brand and image for the organization.
  • Outline specific marketing and visibility activities which promote public understanding and the case for supporting the organization to the public.
  • Create a media relations protocol, media release template, and media contact list.
  • Develop an outreach strategy which includes presentations to service organizations, key employers, banks and other pertinent organizations.
  • Further develop the website and social media strategy.
  • Evaluate and refine strategies to insure their successful execution.Serve as an ambassador and promote the organization’s image, visibility and case for support within the community.

Committee Chair:  Rebecca Dingus,

The Finance Committee works with the Executive Director, Bookkeeper and Treasurer to generate the required monthly financial reports for the Board, develop the draft budget, anticipate future financial needs, and address financial issues that relate to providing adequate resources for operations. The Committee is also responsible for conducting an annual external financial audit (including the selection and rotation of the lead auditor), presenting the final audit to the board for approval and ensuring appropriate financial controls are in place.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develops with the Executive Director and Treasurer the draft annual budget prior to final submission to Board.
  • Selects bookkeeper, accountant and tax preparer for organization.
  • Determines necessary board financial reports and format.
  • Prepares financial reports as needed.
  • Monitors financial reports and identify potential financial issues.
  • Monitors checking account and cash flow/ balance.
  • Conducts financial forecasts and project future needs.
  • Identifies process and timing for conducting audit including selection of auditor
  • Identifies timing of first audit
  • Facilitates audit process; ensure access to required information and records that is provided to the auditors
  • Reviews initial audit reports
  • Provides final report and explanations to Board
  • Represents and serves as ambassadors for the organization, adheres to its principles and promotes a positive image.

Committee Chair:  Terrie Zitzlesberger, 

The Governance Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors regarding matters that relate to governing the organization. This includes providing recommendations related to organizational policies and practices and personnel matters as well as overseeing the recruitment and onboarding of board members.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Recommend organizational policies and procedures as appropriate.
  • Periodically review the governing documents of the organization to ensure they remain consistent with applicable laws and actual or desired organizational practices.
  • Develop and review other governance policies to guide effective oversight and thoughtful planning.
  • Recommend action related to personnel matters and lead the evaluation of the executive director.
  • Oversee the recruitment and onboarding of new board members.
  • Lead and facilitate a periodic board self-assessment to ensure superior board performance.
  • Support Executive Committee as requested.  For example, strategic plan evaluation.

Committee Chair: Cindy Schumacher, 

The Fund Development Committee oversees the development and execution of strategies, in collaboration with the Executive Director, which will result in acquiring sufficient funds for the continuous, effective operation of the Isabella County Restoration House.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the clearinghouse for all activities related to fundraising
  • Establish the annual fund development plans and a calendar for each plan
  • Activities to be undertaken for fundraising include:
  • Applying for grants, as appropriate
  • Major letter writing solicitations in the area, twice yearly
  • Holding one or more major fundraising events
  • Establishing rapport with donors
  • Holding special events, such as breakfasts/info meetings with potential major donors
  • Direct soliciting of selected donors
  • Supporting the Executive Director to effectively conduct outreach activities that increase awareness of ICRH activities, needs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Encouraging and supporting ad hoc events such as bake sales, campus events, etc.
  • Involve all Board members in fundraising actions
  • Develop and continually refine donor and prospects lists
  • Insure all donors are appropriately acknowledged
  • Insure that all funds are solicited and handled in an ethical manner
  • Conduct regular, critical analysis of the cost-effectiveness of various fund raising activities undertaken and modify activities as appropriate
  • Serve as ambassadors for ICRH wherever and whenever possible

Committee Chair: Ann Krzyzaniak (interim), 

The Transitional Housing Taskforce meets with representatives from other local agencies to advance the need for transitional housing in Isabella County, the development of housing inventory and advocates for the expansion of transitional housing options in the region. The Transitional Housing Taskforce also advises the ICRH Board as to the role the organization should take in the development of transitional housing in the region.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor transitional housing needs
  • Advocate for and support transitional housing development plans
  • Educate the public about transitional housing and how its availability supports community development, business growth and quality of life in the region
  • Advise and educate the board about transitional housing in the region
  • Identifies skills and experience needed on the committee and recruits additional members
  • Recommend actions that ICRH should take related to transitional housing based on feasibility studies and solid business plans
  • Remains educated about best practices in working with the homeless population and in expanding transitional housing inventory
  • Serve as ambassadors for the organization and promotes a positive image/reputation for the organization

Contact: Dee Obrecht,

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